Superheated water Sterilizers

Inoxtorres designs and manufactures Superheated water Sterilizers of any fluid in a closed container (bags of serum, bottles, etc).


Description of our Superheated water sterilizers

The LPS sterilization equipment by superheated water shower is designed in cylindrical form, and with square doors to adapt to the shape of the trolleys. The doors open and close automatically from the SCADA. The water circulation system is made thanks to a pump and a heat exchanger (for heating and cooling). A plenum with a special design is installed inside the chamber to allow a perfect distribution of water on the product, in order to ensure optimal temperature uniformity. The equipment is manufactured with high quality stainless steel. We have standard models with useful volumes ranging from 1m³ (LPS 101010) to 32m³ (LPS 1515140).

Our Superheated water Sterilizers offer many advantages


  • 100% flexible design, depending on the needs of the end user.
  • High performance, optimizing energy consumption as well as sterilization cycle times.
  • Components of well-known brands.
  • A perfect uniformity of temperature in the useful volume of the camera.
  • A sophisticated system of control by SCADA optimizing the cycles thanks to the automatic management of the pressures, to guarantee that there is no deformation of the products at the end of each cycle.
  • A high quality team, with GMP design, and complying with all the regulations in force.


Safety in our Superheated water Sterilizers

For Inoxtorres, the safety of both personnel and sterilization equipment and the process is a priority. For that, the team has a series of specifications that guarantee total security:

  • A complete instrumentation (safety valves, probes, pressure switches, etc.)
  • Automatic door locking system.
  • Emergency stop at the front of the team.
  • An anti-entrapment system of the door, with photocells.
  • Control system warns of any problem with a visual and acoustic alarm.


Options and accessories


  • Steam + air sterilization cycle.
  • Vertical doors.
  • Internal polishing Ra <0.6.
  • Mounting in pit
  • Automatic loading and unloading system.
  • Side panels.
  • Software validation
  • Recorder Graphic 6 channels.
  • Valves with limit switches.
  • Trays, cars and car carriers.




* The dimensions can be adapted to the needs of the user.

Superheated water Sterilizers

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