15 September, 2018

After an intense Technical / Commercial work to position INOXTORRES & RSD in Ethylene Oxide sterilization solutions, the first equipment, consisting of a 78.000 liter autoclave set + Vacuum Skid + Pre-conditioning Chamber + Aeration Chamber + Gases Room + Automatic Loading and Unloading System, is three months away from the completion of the Factory Accept Test.

Once the Initial Conceptual Design, Hydrostatic Testing and Design Customer Review phases have been successfully completed, the project progresses in strict compliance with the initial planning. With this first equipment, which incorporates innovative solutions respect that we can find in the market currently of other manufacturers, INOXTORRES & RSD is positioned as a benchmark in the sector constantly innovating to improve consumption, securities and process times.

The collaboration between INOXTORRES and RSD has undoubtedly been the key to success in positioning ourselves in this sector, guaranteeing excellence in the completion of this project.

Ethylene oxide sterilizer 2