Sterilization equipments

In collaboration with RSD Engineering (www. Rsd-engineering.com), INOXTORRES designs, developments, manufactures and installs Ethylene Oxide sterilizers (ETO) and Steam & superheated water sterilization chambers for hospitals and the pharma industry.

Our machinery complies with the most stringent regulations such as ATEX 95 (94/9/CE),ATEX 137 (9/92/CE) and ISO 11135 for EO chambers, or 97/23CE and EN-285 for steam chambers.

All designs can be personalized, so we offer high-tech products that completely adapt to our client’s requirements.

We also offer turnkey projects, including recognized brands as well as different options and possible settings in terms of installation.

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  • Steam sterilizer chamber
  • Ethylene oxide sterilizer (ETO)
  • Superheated water shower chamber
  • Depryrogenation oven

Installations and accessories:

Related to steam/superheated water shower:

  • Trays, trolleys, dollies…
  • PLC/SCADA control system
  • Additional panels
  • Steam generator
  • Others

Related to Ethylene oxide:

  • Parametric release
  • Automatic loading and unloading system
  • EO Detection system (LEL/PPM)
  • Preconditioning and degassing cells
  • Catalytic system / Scrubber
  • Spare parts
  • Others

What can we build together?

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